Below are our recommendations for the best commercial food processor products.

Your choice of a food processor should always depend on what your processing tasks are.

This list is a diverse selection based on a broad range of prepping tasks. There’s a do-it-all, a blender and a few heavy duty commercial models. Feel free to send us your comments and feedback.

Top 5 Commercial Food Processor Products of 2017

Hamilton Beach Professional

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor

  • Dice cubes and slice thich to knead, thin, chop, shred, puree and mix.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Multifunctional Abilities
  • Three-in-One Feeding Tubes
  • Quickly assemble or disassemble the food processor

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Ninja Master Prep Professional


  • Large feed tube
  • ¾ HP electric, high-efficiency motor
  • Control paddles
  • 2-1/2 Quart batch bowl
  • LiquiLock seal system
  • Perfect shredding

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Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender

Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender

  • Sophisticated 1000 watt electric motor
  • Total Crushing Technology
  • Superb control panel
  • Blending pitcher in XL size
  • Non-slip base
  • Improved cord storage
  • Low weight

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Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl and Continuous Food Processor


  • 1 horse-power electric motor
  • High number of processing operations
  • Clear-view batch bowl
  • Huge feed funnel and pusher
  • The best warranty in the business
  • Paddle buttons
  • The simplicity of cleaning

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Waring Commercial WFP11S


  • Large feed tube
  • ¾ HP electric, high-efficiency motor
  • Control paddles
  • 2-1/2 Quart batch bowl
  • LiquiLock seal system
  • Perfect shredding

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How We Pick The Best Processors for Commercial

Kitchen countertops are undoubtedly the most valuable real estate in a home or a commercial establishment. There are a dozen different appliances which clamor for visibility and a permanent position on it. But only the chosen few get guaranteed placement. One of the most probable contenders is the commercial food processor.

This appliance is like the Swiss army knife of the kitchen. These protean beasts can grind, snip, crunch, chop, dice, puree, mince, err…there are probably more uses which can be read at the usage guide. But I think you get the gist.

These are the most powerful warhorses in your kitchen that can make life immensely simple even while performing labor intensive prep tasks.

But a lot of people are unable to differentiate between this and a conventional one designed for home use, which can sneakily be labeled as a ‘Professional food processor’.

Commercial and professional, doesn’t that sound similar?

Commercial Food Processor

They can be as different as chalk and cheese though. The food processor is designed to tackle bulk tasks and continue doing it for a long time without breaking down. Think about something that would perform endlessly in a restaurant kitchen day in and day out for years.

If you are looking for an upgrade for your old food processor that recently bit the dust (RIP) or are looking for a new addition to your commercial kitchen to assist you in backbreaking tasks, then you’d have to navigate the landscape with caution.

There’s a lot of gimcracks being sold out there courtesy glossy advertorials and fabricated product reviews.

That’s where I step in. I have been a chef and have been privy to using some of the most popular food processors in the business. And today, I am going to talk about the best processors and the factors that make them superior to conventional blenders and grinders.

How about that? So, grab a beer and hop on.

How to choose the best Food Processors for Commercial Uses

commercial food processorOne of the first doubts that pop up in the mind of a shopper is, ‘Do I need to spend a few hundred bucks and get a high end commercial food processor or will a blender do the job for me?’

First things first, there is no comparison between a blender and a food processor. A blender’s primary purpose is to emulsify liquids. If you are using it for dry ingredients, then well, you are cutting corners and the results will be less than satisfactory.

A lot of people set out to buy the best products, but discover mid way that all that they wanted was a blender. So, we will include one of the best blenders in the market in this list.

Now that we have that out of the way, there are three main types of food processors that you’d come across in the market. While all of them can perform all the common tasks that you’d assign to them, some are more capable of handling some tasks better than others.

Batch Bowl: These are the most commonly used variety of food processors in the market. As the name suggests, these have a bowl which collects the processed food that is fed from the feed tube. The bowl size determines how much food you can process at a single time or how much dough you can knead. A standard size is 2 to 4 Qt. Some manufacturers also mention this in cup sizes. For a commercial kitchen, the minimum cup size should be 14 cups. Anything smaller will translate into multiple passes. If you have a bigger kitchen then you may need a bigger sized bowl.

Continuous Feed: The only reason why someone would want to choose a continuous feed food processor over a batch bowl one is if they have different types of food to be processed in bulk. For example, prepping for a huge amount of salsa at a time will require diced peppers, onions and tomatoes. A continuous feed food processor will process and dispense these into a container. Also, they are more suited for slicing or shredding food in bulk rather than a batch bowl processor which can also emulsify and knead dough.

Combo food processor: If you’d want the perks that come with each of these food processors, then you’d want to check out a combination food processor that includes a batch bowl processor and a separate container. You can choose the one best suited for a particular task.

The factors to consider

commercial food processor mortorWhen talking about features of food processors for commercial, most people get swayed by the claims of multiple attachments, interchangeable blades and a storage case. But these are pretty much standard features that you’d find in most brands and models.

Chefs and restaurateurs on the other hand, look for a different set of specifications altogether, ones that can make the difference between speedy and uninterrupted performance and a unit that gets jammed or clogged.


The motor of the food processor is akin to the engine of the car. It is rated in Horsepower or Watts and the higher the rating, more powerful the food processor is. It usually has an average motor rating of ¾ HP to 1 ¼ HP. There are of course models with 2 HP and more. But those are reserved for kitchens with insane volumes of foods. Another advantage of choosing a stronger motor is that it can lower the center of gravity of the machine making it less likely to tip over even when it’s functional.

The most preferred motor position is under the base. Side mounted motors are less desirable in a commercial kitchen.

Feeding Tube

A wide enough feeding tube will prevent the need for pre-cutting the ingredients before feeding them into the food processor. Also, it will reduce the number of passes you need to make while processing smaller food items.

Dough kneading

It is generally believed that batch bowl food processors do a much better job at kneading dough as compared to a continuous feed one. If dough making is a critical part of your kitchen, then you’d want to select a batch bowl processor with a large sized bowl.

The Controls

The controls can affect the speed with which basic tasks can be performed. The most common configuration is a buttoned control panel. Knobs are the second most commonly seen configuration. The easiest to use and clean is a touchpad with or without an LED display. These control panels have one-touch operation for frequently performed tasks making it easy to do repetitive tasks without tinkering with too many buttons.

Attachments and accessories

The versatility of food processors comes from the bundle of attachments and accessories that can be used with them according to the type of task that needs to be performed. The most common interchangeable attachments are called discs and these attach to the bottom side of the food bowl. There’s a huge variety of these to choose from depending on the type of cut or grate that you need.

  • Slicing Disc: Used commonly for slicing veggies and fruits. Time to discard that good old mandolin.
  • Julienne Disc: Cuts veggies into thin sticks or juliennes that are normally used in salads or for garnishing. Let the presentation stand out with these.
  • Grating disc: Can grate everything from veggies to cheese and other items. From Pizza to pasta to casseroles, this will be your go-to disc.
  • Shredding disc: Used for shredding food items thinly. Commonly used while making latkes.
  • Dicing disc: Used in combination with a dicing grid to dice vegetables for soups and broth. If soups and stews are a key part of the food menu, then you’d need to pay special attention to the dicing disc. Ensure that the model you select includes this.
  • French Fry Disc: Let your patrons bite into the most succulent homemade French fries with this disc. Makes it extremely easy to churn out good quality French fries.
  • Crimping disc: Crimping is a great way to decorate with your vegetables. The crimping disc makes this task effortless by cutting wavy veggie slices.
  • Brunoise disc: Brunoise is a very specialized diced cut that is considered in the middle of grating and a diced cut. Without a food processor, a brunoise cut takes years to master. Not all food processor models feature this disc in the package.
  • Pulping disc: The pulping disc makes it extremely easy to extract pulp for preserves and compotes.
  • Waffle/ Gaufrette disc: The waffle disc lets you achieve flawless waffle cuts for your potato chips. It can also be used for making French fries.
  • Whipping disc: As the name suggests, this is the easiest way to whip up some butter or cream for your baked dishes.

Other than the discs, hoppers, blades, bowls and pushers are also available in a variety of configurations.

There’s nothing more annoying than ending up with a product that’s overkill or something that’s not suited to the type of work that you were hoping to achieve with it. And that’s a common occurrence with commercial food processor.

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Top Commercial Food Processor Chosen By Our Editors

To further assist you in making the right decision, I have picked the top four food processors in the market and a blender, as I promised earlier. These are the best commercial models in the market currently. They are fast, durable, can tackle voluminous jobs and have an excellent customer rating to boot.

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food ProcessorThe fact that a Hamilton Beach food processor made it to the list of the best ones, trumping other brands like Breville and Cuisinart speaks volumes about the quality of this model. This is a beefy and durable food processor that makes all its predecessors from HB seem pale in comparison.

It has a very robust feature set that is highlighted by the 14-cup food bowl capacity, an extra-wide mouth feed and a one-touch operation for frequently performed processing tasks.

Designed for a busy kitchen

The Hamilton Beach Professional dicing food processor is designed for a busy commercial kitchen or for home use if you entertain or host of lot of parties. The highlight is the BPA free food bowl that can easily accommodate almost 14 cups of dry ingredients and 8 cups of liquids. By the way, it has a leak free construction and has a spout that allows you to pour out the liquids without spilling them.

The feed mouth has a 3-in-1 setting that goes from small to extra wide. No more chopping things before they go into the processor.

Easy as they come

This professional dicing food processor weighs almost 16 pounds and has a huge form factor, especially if you compare it to conventional home blenders and processors. So, you’d want to consider the amount of space you will need to store this. It comes with a neatly designed storage box though.

Everything from the illuminated touchpad controls with neatly labeled buttons to the easy stack and snap lid that prevents the need to twist and lock, make this a breeze to use.

There are five attachments that include an S blade, a kneading blade, a shred disc, a slicing disc and a dicing disc which more than suffices for most of the common processing prep tasks. This powered by a 600 watt motor will ensure that you sail through most of the tasks in very little time.

Verdict: With a five year warranty and almost 95% positive customer ratings, this looks like one of the best commercial food processors from Hamilton Beach in recent times.

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Ninja Master Prep Professional

Ninja Master Prep ProfessionalIn theory, the Ninja Master Prep Professional is a food blender. But consumer reports has rated it as the best food chopper and the second best blender. The fact is that it is an extremely versatile food prepping unit that can perform multiple tasks (chop, blend, dice and crush) with ease, some of them, a lot better than much higher priced food processors.

With three vessels for separate tasks and powered by a 450 watt motor and an interchangeable motor head, it takes the guesswork out of food prepping and also simplifies the process.

Durable and Powerful

The Ninja Master Prep is built like a tank. It has a durable ABS casing and suction pads on the bottom which keep it stable during the grinding process. The three work vessels, including a 48 oz. pitcher which is the blending vessel and the two smaller bowls (40 oz) are made from BPA free plastic. The blender comes with 6 blades whereas there are 4 blades which can be used with the other two bowls.

The controls are minimal and there is a one-touch pulse button which powers the unit to life.

One of the reasons for its popularity is the ease with which you can achieve immaculate results with the Ninja Master Prep.

Perfect blending, chopping and cutting

There is very little that the Ninja Prep cannot tackle that you throw its way. Larger items like veggies and even ice cubes are crushed and pureed in seconds. But the best part is that there are no leftover chunks in the blend which is a common problem with a lot of blenders. Nothing is hidden under the blade. The Ninja ensures that no solids are left behind.

This stands true even while crushing smaller food items like garlic which have an inherent tendency to find a hiding spot under the blade.

Also, the fact that each bowl comes with its own lid makes this an ideal choice for a commercial food processor because you can process multiple items at the same time without having to wait for the bowl to be emptied.

All the parts (except for the motor) are dishwasher safe and cleaning is a breeze.

Verdict: The Master Prep QB1004 is the most popular product from Ninja’s range of do-it-all food processors. It has been around for almost five years now and yet, it continues to outsell a lot of newer and advanced processors.

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Ninja Professional Blender

Ninja Professional Blender

For our budget minded readers who would just like a simple but powerful blender that provides uniformity in the blends, here’s our #3 pick, the NJ600 professional blender from Ninja. With an enormous 72 oz (9 cups) pitcher and a powerful 1000 Watt motor, this is just what you need in a commercial establishment for reliable and consistent blending.

Crushes through anything

A lot of low power blenders struggle to make uniform blends especially with frozen items. Not the Ninja. The six blades in the blender will turn ice into snow in seconds. And that’s not an exaggeration. The Ninja really does crush ice to the consistency of snow. It goes without saying that it can easily go through veggies and fruits for your appetizers and smoothies.

Also, the lid fits in securely creating an impenetrable seal around it preventing your liquids from leaking out even when filled to the maximum level.

Perfectly designed

Despite the large size, the blender jar is easy to unlock and lift. The handle is ergonomically designed and does not slip.

The blender has three speed settings and a pulse setting on a touchpad which are extremely handy. You may want to start with the lower speed settings to know the consistency that you can achieve with your purees and smoothies though.

Thanks to a no-slip base, it does not ‘do the dance’ when it’s operational. There’s not even the slightest wobble. Stays rock steady. When not in use, the cord tucks away into a recessed cord storage keeping your cabinet uncluttered and neat.

Verdict: Large, powerful and reliable, you can count on the Ninja Professional N600 Blender to deliver consistent purees, smoothies and blends. It can even be used to make nut butter from flaxseed or other nuts of your choice. Truly versatile blender at a great price!

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Waring Commercial WFP14S 3-1/2-Quart

Waring Commercial WFP14S 3-1/2-QuartIt would have been impossible to create an article on the best food processors without including a Waring model in it. With a 3 -1/2 quart (14 cups) capacity and powered by a 1-HP motor, this is a large and powerful batch bowl food processor that can slice, grate, puree and do almost 20 other food processing tasks in minutes.

As expected for a commercial food processor, the beauty of the WFP14S goes beyond its ability to prep food effortlessly. It is designed flawlessly and you will experience none of the common problems that one experiences from consumer grade food processor models.

But first, let’s take a closer look at the WFP14S.

Compact and rugged

At just 7 ¼ inch wide and 16 inches tall, the Waring WFP14S has a very small footprint and will easily be accommodated in a snug corner on the countertop. But despite the miniscule appearance, it is as rugged as they come.

The construction is top notch and built to withstand the wear and tear of consistent use. The drive shaft is made of stainless steel for hassle-free long term use while the bowl is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate. It is lightweight but impact resistant.

Works perfectly for a variety of tasks

Be it grinding, chopping or dicing vegetables, fruits or nuts or pureeing or extracting pulps, the WFP14S will get it done without getting jammed, stuck or leaking. The LiquiLock seal system ensures that the liquids do not leak and when you pour it into a vessel, the blades stay locked in place.

The wide feed tube reduces the prep time needed for feeding the food into the processor and it also includes a food pusher to allow you to push the food directly for even faster processing times.

One of the best features of the WFP14S is that even if you put a single garlic clove into it for chopping or dicing, it will still do it efficiently. Small food items do not get stuck under the blade nor do purees or liquids get trapped under the gasket. This makes it extremely easy to clean.

Oh, almost forgot that all the discs, the lid, the bowl and the pusher are dishwasher safe.

Verdict: With a powerful motor, multiple discs and a large bowl with a wide feed mouth, the Waring WFP14S is blazing fast, consistent and easy to use. Hard to pick nits with this one!

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Waring Commercial WFP11S

Waring Commercial WFP11SIf you are looking for the infallible performance of the WFP14S but with a smaller capacity bowl and fewer features, then the WFP11S will be an ideal choice for you. One of the advantages is a reduced price tag. The WFP11S is almost $70 lesser than the 14S but retains most of the features and functionalities of Waring’s Commercial range of the best food processors.

Large food bowl with LiquiLock

At the forefront of the impressive feature bundle is a large 2-1/2 quart food bowl. That’s commercial grade capacity and will reduce the prep time even in a busy kitchen. The LiquiLock Seal system, which is a feature of all of Waring’s processors, will ensure that there are no leaks either from the gasket or under the bowl.

Operating the Waring WFP11S is a no-brainer task. There are only a couple of buttons and the minimalistic controls make it one of the easiest to use.

Superb Performance

From shredding rock hard cheese straight out of the fridge to dicing frozen veggies, crushing ice and kneading dough, the WFP11S will perform almost any processing task fast and without hiccups. The ¾ HP motor is designed for commercial use.

To reduce the processing time, Waring has retained the extra wide feeding chute, which ensures that you do not need to cut or break the food before feeding it into the processor.

Most importantly, like all of Waring’s professional models, the WFP11S is extremely easy to clean. Most of the parts are dishwasher safe.

Verdict: The WFP11S is right at the cusp of a consumer food processor for home use and one designed purely for commercial use. It has enough features to be considered a commercial model but will work perfectly for homes too.

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