Food processor is one of the main kitchen appliances used for chopping, mixing and grinding of foods but many of you don’t know how to use a commercial food processor? Yes, it is worth of knowing about the exact ways on how to use a food processor, why? Because, the processor safety is must. Furthermore, it acts as a main key to use your food processor for long period of time. You may wonder the relationship between you and the food processor.

Food processor increases our life span simultaneously, so you can enjoy the appropriate way of cooking.

The simple steps to using a Commercial Food Processor:

Step 1: Make sure that your food processor is near to the electrical socket and then place it in flat surface and then check if the legs are tightly gripped. The processor underpins should be latched tightly into the surface so it controls and prevents the movements of it while the food is processing.

Step 2: Food processor naturally comes with multiple types of blades. These blades are specially made for stuffing the ingredients like nuts, ice and some solid stuff. On the other hand, some blades can make up for chopping, mixing and grounding.

Before that, you should aware about the types of blades and then designing of the food processor. So, take a view of this article before going to use it.

  1. After choosing the correct blade, place it in the food processor, and then put the ingredients inside it. Actually, it is made of transparent glass; it helps to visible the process at lively so you can easily guess the ingredients are chopped well or not.
  2. Before taking out the chopped ingredients, first you should remove the blades; it will prevent you from injury. After the removing of the blade, take chopped ingredients out from the bowl.
  3. Then clean your processor properly after using it. Remove a dishwasher out that suits and safe for your food processor. Because the cleaning process of this food processor may irritate you.

Use this appliance to make your kitchen work easier than ever. I damn sure it should be available in every home of the kitchen; it will definitely give you a different experience and various level of cooking.

Here after, we will see some magical ways to use a food processor. They are as follows,

Grinding meats:

It’s very easy way and safest to make grinding of meats by your own. Cut a small pieces of meat and freeze them until it gets little stiffer and put them into food processor bowl until the meat is bristly ground.

Pasta Dough:

You won’t believe this until you can try. Yes, you can make pasta dough with this. It’s so easier and healthy.

Sauces and Soups:

This is the actual reason for those who are all bought it from market. Many of you love soups and sauces but you may buy it from shops. Here after, you can enjoy homemade preparation of soups with it.

Curry paste:

It’s very simple to prepare, just put the curry inside to the food processor and insert a blade of what texture you want to chops. And then wait for seconds, the healthy curry paste is ready to eat.


I hope now you are very clear about how to use it. The above points are the simple ways to use it in a proper way. Keep your food processor in your kitchen for your comfortable of cooking and feel happy.