10 Steps to Clean your Kitchen before using Commercial Food Processor

Cleaning is a chore while using commercial food processor. I know there are many people out who resort to cleaning to relieve stress, but frankly, I think they should be committed, and quickly, before they become a danger to themselves. With me, cleaning causes the stress, and I am always looking for ways to save time without spending extra money on needless products to help.

I believe in clean, really I do! I just don’t believe it should be expensive, take too much time, or need repetitive motions. As my fans know, I’m lazy. I want to find the fastest way to do something while still getting excellent results. Housework is no different.

I work about 80 hours a week. Regardless of the fact that I’m either in my home office or sitting in my family room with my laptop, I am working. I can’t be getting up every time I hear a crash, or “uh oh” or see some of my cats running for their lives knowing that if I saw what they did they’d be driven to the pound immediately. Nope! I have about one hour each day, divided into small segments, where I can attend to all the chores that need to be done.

Here’s how I make it through my day and make it to my next check:

  1. I use one cleaning cloth in each area. Kitchen, master bath, hall bath, etc. That means the cloth is always where I need it. I don’t waste time running back and forth looking for paper towels and throwing them away.
  2. Even though I do buy paper towels, I learned that the cheap store brands, preferably the dollar store brands, do exactly what I need them to do – which isn’t much. I don’t spend a small fortune on paper towels that are meant to scrub, be washed out and reused. That’s why I use my cleaning cloths!
  3. I have tile all over the main living portion of my home. With umpteen cats and misc. other species that visit on a regular basis, keeping my floor clean is like sweeping the beach. Instead of washing entire floors, I keep my Swiffer mop in a hall closet for quick spot removal.
  4. I also have a large kitchen, large guest bath and large open expanses of living space. I got really tired of taking the mop out three or more times a day so I bought scatter and area rugs. Why? Because these can be washed! Instead of scrubbing paw prints off the tile, I can throw the throw rugs into the washing machine, saving about 15 minutes of time.
  5. One of my biggest headaches has always been the large shower in the master bath. It seemed that even if we didn’t use it, it still got dirty! I needed to find something to coat onto the walls of the shower that would repel dirt. I tried every product available that was made to spray on after each shower, to no avail. I finally found a spray silicone meant for auto workers, much like WD-40. I put it into a garden spray and squirted it over the tile in the shower. NOW the soap scum would just run off. Works like magic! Now, I simply clean the shower every few weeks top to bottom without breaking my back scrubbing, then I re-spray the silicone. (Just keep it off the floor!)
  6. I do use those kitchen wipes, but I buy either store brands or from the dollar store. I find they do a marvelous job of keeping my stainless steel kitchen faucet clean and shiny. However, for large expanses like all four kitchen counter slabs, I use my favorite cleaning cloth. Saves money, and actually saves time when you need to clean your commercial food processor.
  7. Use only one cleaning product. When dirt happens you don’t need to figure out what you need or where it is. Personally, I love Clorox Kitchen Cleanup and I use it on everything from floorsto carpeting to walls and counters. I keep a bottle in every bathroom and in the kitchen next to my cleaning cloths.
  8. Tired of cleaning your gas stove top? Burner grills love a nice run through the dishwasher. Many ranges even have removable drip pans; throw them in, too!
  9. If they aren’t removable, buy drip covers that are made either of aluminum or other fire resistant materials. Some of these can go in the dishwasher, and others are totally disposable. Forget the scrubbing!
  10. What about your fridge? It’s amazing how many parts actually are removable. The newer models are totally dishwasher safe and main shelves, door shelves, vegetable drawers, and even freezer parts are made to be taken out and put into the dishwasher.
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Believe it or not, my house can pass a military inspection with about four hours of cleaning a week. (Well, most of the time…!)