How To Grow A Kitchen Herb Pot with Commercial Food Processor

Herbs add a special touch to everyday dishes and nearly everyone has some form of dried herbs in their kitchen. Fresh ones are so much better and more potent, but they don’t last long in the fridge, even set in water. The alternative? Grow your own in a pot right in your own kitchen with the waste from your food processor!

Being able to pluck a sprig of parsley or basil right from the plant and drop it into the dish you are preparing is the perfect way to add flavor. The freshness is unequaled and you will be thrilled with the results. Many professional cooks request growing herbs in their kitchens for the best in flavor and quality.

If your kitchen has a window, this is the best place to put your herb pot. However, it is not necessary to have a window if you have fluorescent lights, since plants can grow under these as well. Try putting your herb pot in a living room window once or twice a week to let it get some sunshine and you should be fine.

There are many options for the actual container. You could use a single plant pot, with several herbs growing in it, or several smaller ones. Many people like the idea of a longer planter-style pot that allows the herbs to grow side by side for easy picking. These also fit better on windowsills than the traditional round planter.

Once you have your plant pot, all you need are some seedlings and soil to plant them in. Your local nursery will have everything you need. A handful of rocks at the bottom of the planter will help it drain better and make sure that your herbs don’t drown when you water them. Then fill your pot up with soil.

The herbs you choose to plant will be mainly a matter of preference. If you tend to use a lot of parsley, that will obviously find its way into your planter. Mint, chives, basil, rosemary and sweet marjoram are your best bets. These herbs grow well in containers and can be combined in one pot. Although you can start your own herbs from seed, it isn’t recommended since they can be finicky. Instead, buy the baby plants and transplant them into your pot, leaving them a little room to grow in between.

It will take 4-8 weeks for your tiny herbs to get to clipping size. The great thing is that the more you pick off leaves, the more they will grow! Your plants will get quite bushy and produce more and more leaves as you continue to use them in your cooking. Remember to water them frequently and your plants should last for a good long time.

A herbal plant pot in the kitchen is ideal for anyone who wants to infuse their cooking with the incredible flavors of fresh herbs. The ease of growing herbs in a pot on your kitchen counter or windowsill makes this the ideal way to have a herb garden, no matter where you live.