High-End Kitchen Finishes with Commercial Food Processor

Give Your Kitchen an Expensive Look Without Breaking the Bank

It’s said that bathrooms and kitchens are what sell houses. This is in large part because renovations on these rooms carry a higher price tag. Whether fixing up a kitchen to improve the sale price of a home or remodeling to meet personal tastes, some smart shopping has the potential to save thousands while still creating a high-end look.

Odd Lots and Closeouts

As home décor trends change, companies who manufacture everything from light fixtures to floor tiles discontinue some merchandise to make way for newer styles. Shopping for clearance prices on closeout items may garner savings of 75% or more off of retail prices.

Keep in mind that discontinued items are available in limited quantities. When purchasing items such as wall coverings or floor coverings, take accurate measurements and be sure to purchase enough to finish the entire job. Also remember that sales on discontinued items are often final, so avoid purchasing in excess.

As with fashion, home décor lines usually introduce new styles in the spring and fall. These time of year are prime times for closeout shopping. However, many home improvement stores change their inventory throughout the year, marking items at clearance prices to clear out shelf space for other products. Shopping frequently at many different stores will likely turn up a wider array of products at the bet possible prices.

Slightly Irregular Merchandise

Companies that sell high-end merchandise put all products through rigorous quality control measures. Items that are slightly flawed and do not pass inspection are often sold at discount prices. Often, these irregularities are unnoticeable to the naked eye; even visible flaws can often be worked around. For example, a granite slab with a chipped edge may be sold for far below regular price; using a wet saw to trim off the chipped portion leaves you with a fabulous countertop at a fraction of retail cost. Often, companies liquidate these irregular items at special outlet stores or via the internet. Finding these deals may take some hunting, but the savings make the search worthwhile.

Shopping Factory Direct

Every time merchandise changes hands along the route from the factory to retail shelves, extra money is tacked onto the price tag to compensate the “middle men.” Avoid paying these markups by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. All of the commercial food processors we give you on this website are shopping factory direct.

Shopping factory direct is one of the most effective ways to save money on a major kitchen remodel. This is especially true of items purchased in bulk, such as tile; the more you purchase, the lower the price per unit. Save even more money by purchasing enough for another project as well. For instance, if you are installing hardwood floors in your kitchen, factory-direct bulk savings may enable you to extend hardwoods into other areas of your home. You can also split large orders with friends, neighbors, or family members to maximize your potential savings.