Ever since their first market introduction by German company Electrostar, back in 1946, commercial food processor has been a great hit

Much similar to blenders, food processors now take over plenty of kitchen tasks and help cooks to easily deal with processing foods, making sauces, slicing, dicing or mincing ingredients.

Food processors are extremely helpful around the kitchen and are mainly used by professional chefs and kitchen lovers in order to prepare dishes faster and easier.

Hamilton Beach Professional

Hamilton Beach Professional Dicing Food Processor

  • Dice cubes and slice thich to knead, thin, chop, shred, puree and mix.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Multifunctional Abilities
  • Three-in-One Feeding Tubes
  • Quickly assemble or disassemble the food processor

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Unlike blenders, food processors feature interchangeable blades and disks, while their bowls are wider and shorter. The main difference between a blender and a food processor is that the latter requires little to no liquid to perform repetitive tasks in the kitchen, while blenders usually require an amount of liquid to blend the particles inside and create creams and liquid dishes.

As previously mentioned, food processors come with a lot of functions, from slicing to chopping vegetables and fruits to shredding, pureeing, grinding items (even meat), and mixing dough. As you can see, a food processor is much required in a kitchen when someone is always cooking because it drastically diminishes the time spent on small kitchen tasks that are usually prerequisites for creating more sophisticated or time requiring dishes. Thus, this amazing multi-tasking kitchen tool is definitely a must if you spend time cooking on a regular basis.

The Most Enchanting Ways to Use Commercial Food Processor!

Commercial Food Processor

For purees, soups and sauces

You can use the regular “chopping blade” to ensure you create magnificent recipes at just a push of a button. A food processor is the best way to ensure your pesto tastes delicious or that you have the perfect combo of fruits and veggies for your toddler’s puree. Mushroom cream soup? No matter what your cravings in terms of soups are, you can always obtain a creamy consistence by mixing up vegetables in your food processor. There are countless recipes for sauces you can try, from home made barbeque sauces to more elevated ones and which are ten times easier and faster to obtain if you use the regular chopping blade of your food processor.

Preparing spreads, dips, pestos and salsas

If you are craving international cuisines like Mexican delicious dishes which mainly involve one form or another of sauces, a food processor is definitely your best help. Simply mix the ingredients and add a little liquid and voila – your pesto is ready for the most delicious pastas! Are you having guests over and want to cook something simple for the game? The easiest version of a bite is to simply pour some salsa on a bag of delicious nachos. But why buy salsa from stores which are full of preservatives and harmful ingredients? You can create your own delicious salsa and spice it up just the way you like it by using a regular food processor. The taste is guaranteed and it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to chop, dice and mix all the ingredients together.

If you want a fully customization pesto with your favorite ingredients there isn’t anything simpler than mix all these in a food processor and use it as a dip for everything – from fried king prawns to pastas, your own version of brochettes, nachos, even veggie chips.

Ninja Master Prep  -  The Best Food Processor for Making Salsas


  • Large feed tube
  • ¾ HP electric, high-efficiency motor
  • Control paddles
  • 2-1/2 Quart batch bowl
  • LiquiLock seal system
  • Perfect shredding

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Making pasta dough or any type of dough

Whether you want to bake a delicious loaf of bread or try out your Italian cooking skills and nail it with homemade pastas, one thing is for sure – things will get a lot easier if you just use a food processor. I had my doubts in the past regarding making your own dough in a food processor and I admit I always liked to use my hands in this rewarding adventure. However, a food processor does take a lot of pressure from your shoulders, as well as your future hand and arm aches while still delivering delicious dough, ready to be turned into spectacular dishes. The best part? You can mix all the ingredients you want and truly create unique pieces of dough for everything. We suggest you add some little “extra ingredients” for your pasta dough (eggs on top, basil pasta or even squid ink if you are into refined dishes).

Homemade bread? Never tasted better! After adding all the ingredients necessary for your tasty bread dough, why not create your own favorite type of bread? Mines are filled with black olives, seeds, sesame or small pieces of onion. The best part about using a food processor when making your dough is that all you need to worry about is the future step – meaning putting your dough in the oven at the right temperature or filling it with the most delicious, organic and healthy ingredients.

Grinding meat

Another great way to enjoy a food processor is to grind your own meat, in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want it and, most importantly, how often and whatever quantity you want. Grinded meat is used in various delicious recipes, including the infamous burgers. However, buying already grinded meat is not always the best solution as you can never be too sure what’s really in it. The safest and cheapest way to ensure you will cook delicious meat-based recipes is to buy your own favorite type(s) of meat and grind them yourself, using the power of a food processor. Not to mention using your own grinded meat is always safer! Another important reason why you should grind your own meat using your own food processor is that freshly grinded meat will always have a certain consistency and taste that no other type of meat can restore. All you have to do is choose your favorite types of meat, clean them from excessive grease, fats and impurities (wash it with cold water always!), cut it into chunks, freeze them for a while and then just put them into the food processor until nicely ground.

Again, with the help of your food processor you can create countless recipes for already grinded meat of your choice and simply add the spices perfect for your future dish – use chili powder or flakes for spicy types of food or rosemary, oregano, salt and pepper for burgers.

Food processors are the best way to ensure the best raw materials for creating delicious burgers, meatballs or sausages.

Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender

Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender

  • Sophisticated 1000 watt electric motor
  • Total Crushing Technology
  • Superb control panel
  • Blending pitcher in XL size
  • Non-slip base
  • Improved cord storage
  • Low weight

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Homemade mayonnaise anyone?

When it comes to mayonnaise people only fall into two categories – those who would eat it with absolutely anything and those who consider it plain disgusting. However, most people associate mayonnaise with hundreds of useless calories and the pioneer of culinary decadence. Mayonnaise is mainly labeled as an unhealthy sauce, usually on top of burgers, fries, salads or anything that is considered “soul food” or “comfort food”. Most fast food chains include some sort of mayonnaise or derive from it in their most popular food items and sell them to people as the food they are craving for after a night out of heavy drinking or as a reward after a starving diet. However, mayonnaise can also be a healthy alterative for those who are not lactose intolerant. In fact, if used the right amount of ingredients (eggs, mustard, oil, salt, and lemon juice), mayonnaise can become a healthy alternative to products from regular stores, filled with hundreds of empty calories, sugars and unnecessary preservatives. Simply make sure to add all the aforementioned ingredients in your food processor and enjoy the perfect sauce to cover your own coleslaw salads, fries, homemade burgers or anything else you fancy. Look for homemade mayonnaise recipes to make sure you have all the right ingredients in the right order.

Grinding nuts

Chopping nuts by hand to prepare that delicious desert? Are you nuts? Why not appeal to your old friend, the food processor, to do the dirty work for you? There are countless delicious recipes involving nuts but there is nothing fancy about chopping them on your own, especially when we talk about large quantities. So why not do yourself a favor and spare some time in the kitchen by simply choose your food processor to do the job for you? Grind as many nuts as you want to use them to create delicious and healthy desert recipes – from pies to homemade ice cream and any other type of cakes or creams. Nuts are rich in natural antioxidants, proteins and healthy fats and they make the perfect alternative for those who are fasting or on a diet. With just a few calories, two servings of nuts per day can help improve memory and cerebral activity, boost your energy levels and help you focus easier. Moreover, thanks to their rich intake of fats and nutrients, they will keep you satiated for the whole day, even when you are on a diet and only dream of cakes and chocolate.

Waring Commercial WFP11S


  • Large feed tube
  • ¾ HP electric, high-efficiency motor
  • Control paddles
  • 2-1/2 Quart batch bowl
  • LiquiLock seal system
  • Perfect shredding

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Homemade butters

And since we were already talking about nuts, why not grind them a little bit longer until turning them into a delicious paste called nut butter? Get past the floury stage and grind nuts in your own food processor until they turn into a thick and eatable paste. Season it with all sorts of ingredients or add different types of nuts for a more decadent butter. Use salt or vanilla sugar and you can make your own peanut butter and enjoy the taste of your childhood without unnecessary preservatives.

Making your own flour

Who said you need to use store bought flour to acquire that perfect pasta dough or pizza dough we were talking about earlier? If you really want to go old school and take homemade food to another level, why not use the universal food processor to grind whole grains for your own type of flour? Although an actual grain mill might do the job better and in a more professional way, a food processor is not far from the true. Bonus points for getting to choose your own grains and creating a fully customized type of flour, depending on your further needs in the kitchen. Browse online for homemade flour recipes and try them depending on your future dishes – use different types of flour for pizza, pasta, cakes or bread.

Cookie crumbs and bread crumbs

Make Gretel jealous by using your food processor to make your own cookie or bread crumbs. Although you can crumble these on your own by using any harsh surface on the bread or cookies previously put in a sealed bag, this process is a lot more time consuming. Not to mention it requires quite the muscles if you want to make sure all crumbles are equal. However, with a food processor you can reduce the time spent on crumbling and use it for more productive kitchen choruses.

Cookie crumbs represent the crust for delicious cheesecakes and there are literally countless recipes you can follow, depending on your own tastes and desires. On the other hand, bread crumbs can be used in a wide series of recipes, from schnitzels to the perfect topping for mac and cheese. No matter your preferences, a food processor is always the most convenient and time saving option for kitchen.

Crushing ice

Although not all food processors can handle this trick, the most powerful ones do have a special function and special blades used for crushing ice cubes. Ice cubs are perfect for creating delicious recipes of smoothies, fresh juice, summer drinks or punches. Even ice creams and summer cakes can count for delicious recipes requiring crushed ice cubes. Sure, there is always the option to purchase already crushed ice for the perfect mojitos, but why not do it on your own and save some money and energy? Simply switch the blades of your food processor with the ones specially made for it (but only if your food processor supports it!) and get to crushing.

As you can see food processors come extremely in handy for all people who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. They can be the perfect help when cooking complicated or timey recipes and can get you rid of plenty of effort.

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