Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender Review

I have been using a lot of different blenders, but the Ninja® BL610 is the one that impressed me the most. It doesn’t even look like an ordinary blender and there are some features that are simply amazing. Obviously, this isn’t an ordinary blender, it is a professional model designed for high-end market and for people who want the best combination of the quality and performance. Thanks to the design, it will look perfectly in modern homes. At least it looks great in mine. The best parts are the features. There are a lot of them and each one is different.

Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender

Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender

  • Sophisticated 1000 watt electric motor
  • Total Crushing Technology
  • Superb control panel
  • Blending pitcher in XL size
  • Non-slip base
  • Improved cord storage
  • Low weight


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Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender Review

Sophisticated 1000 watt electric motor

Let’s begin with power. This blender has an impressive 1000 watt electric motor. It is more powerful than motors available in household-class blenders and it is more sophisticated as well. Some advantages include the low noise, high speed of the blade and a lot of torque. The mixture of all these parameters suggests that even more demanding operations, such ice crushing won’t be a problem. Another advantage is the quality of the inner components. They are industrial grade. It means that using this blender every single day, for the most demanding operations are possible and it will withstand it.

Total Crushing Technology

One of the latest improvements this blender has to offer is the Total Crushing Technology. As the name suggests, it is designed in order to make all blending operations better. Crushing ice, blending fruits and almost anything will give the same result. A perfect mixture of the ingredients, without large pieces or chucks. One of the reasons, how this is possible are the blades. There are 6 of them. Paired with extremely powerful electric motor, it isn’t a coincidence, this blender can meet the most demanding requirements.

Superb control panel

Newer blenders have sophisticated control panels. Yet, some of them are too small to use or they are simply too complicated. Reading the manual is mandatory, which may be annoying. With the blender in question, using the control panel is as simple as it gets. It features 5 buttons. Three, at the bottom are used for adjusting the speed of the blade. There are 3 levels (slow, medium and fast). Another two buttons are for turning on/off and for pulse mode, when precision processing is needed. In addition, all the buttons are big enough, so they can be used while wearing gloves or in a rush. They are well-labeled and they are surrounded with a chrome metal. The end appearance is simply astonishing.

Blending pitcher in XL size

A blending pitcher is another masterpiece and probably best component here. At least one of the best. The first plus side is the fact, using it is extremely simple. It comes in a combination with a lid that has seal, so all the smoothies and juice will stay where it should. The capacity is 72 oz. Measurement on the blending pitcher are a small addition, but extremely important. They are also one proof more why this is a professional blender. Using it for precise measurements is possible. Note: The measurements are written in a such way that they will look the same after many years of usage.

Non-slip base

Most countertops are slippery, so new blenders and all other kitchen appliances must have the feature in question. Non-slippery base is made with the combination of rubber and plastic support brackets. As such, this blender can be used in modern kitchens, without the risk to fall of a countertop. There is something more! The base doesn’t affect the end quality of the product and it is made to last, which is mandatory, simply due to the fact when a non-slip base fails, a blender becomes useless.

Improved cord storage

In any kitchen, the cords of the appliances are a nightmare. There are too many of them and trying to organize them is impossible. With the Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender, the situation is different. It comes with convenient cord storage. It is easy to use and limits the movement of a cord. Simply said, a cord won’t be a problem. Another benefit is when transporting. Messed cords will be a thing of the past.

Low weight

Maybe it is irrelevant, but lightweight blenders are much better than heavy ones. This applies to the blending pitcher, especially. We all know that carrying it around and using it as a big cup is a common action. Another, common action is moving a blender around the kitchen, looking for the best spot, moving it when partying and etc. All of this is easier when the weight is lower. In this case, it is 7.21 pounds, which is interesting, because it still has a 1000 watt electric motor, feature a high quality and it is well made.


Dimensions9.5 x 7.5 x 17 inches
Weight7.1 pounds
Motor1000 watt
Advanced TechnologyTotal Crushing Technology
Control Panel TypeDigital
Speeds3 speed
Blending pitcher capacity72 oz


Value for money and performance are the best words that describe the Ninja® BL610 Professional Blender. It may be one of the most desirable, professional models right now and it will literally crush the biggest amount of the competition. An electric motor is a powerful advantage this blender has and it is definitely something that most people want.

The design is another fact that must be mentioned. It features sleek design, paired with the modern materials and the latest building capabilities. It actually looks futuristic, which is pleasant, because most of other blenders still feature conventional design.  Nevertheless, none of the practicality nor the functionality of the blender have been compromised due to the design features! At the end, this is a great professional blender, capable of being used almost anywhere. It will look great in ordinary kitchens, suitable in modern ones and it will have a positive effect on the business, when used in commercial purposes.