Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor Review

I like the industrial grade food processors the most. They are extremely durable, they are indestructible and they can withstand any type of job. In essence, they are completely different beasts than ordinary appliances of this kind. The bottom line is that they can be used in the most demanding kitchens all over the globe and they will be more than just useful. The latest model I used is the Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor. All the features and all the facts about it are extraordinary, so let’s see them.

Robot Coupe CL50 Continuous Feed Food Processor

Robot Coupe CL50

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Extra-large hopper
  • Polycarbonate electric motor
  • Freshly designed lid and pusher
  • Waterproof controls
  • Lever-activated auto restart
  • Additional blades are available


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Robot Coupe CL50 Food Processor Review

Stainless steel construction

It all begins with the construction. This model is made entirely from stainless steel, making it strong and resistant to almost anything. This is the main reasons why the weight is high. CL50 isn’t very large, but the total weight is 45 pounds, almost 2 times more than similar appliances! The benefits of this material are numerous. It is resistant to scratches, it is immune to the corrosion and washing it is quicker than with models made from other materials. Let’s not forget that accidental drops and similar issues cannot cause any damage at all. Maybe it isn’t a feature, but thanks to the stainless steel, this food processor looks better than most other models.

Robot Coupe CL50Extra-large hopper

Although, the dimensions of this unit are standard (14.8 x 23.4 x 13.5 inches) it has a large hopper. It can accommodate up to 10 tomatoes at a time. Larger vegetables and fruits don’t even have to be sliced. They can be placed in a hopper straight away and they will be processed without a single drawback. This is one of those features that simply can make a food processor better. Prep time is significantly lower and using the appliance is simpler. A related benefit is the cylindrical shape of the hopper. This advantage is extremely beneficial due to the fact it makes cutting more accurate and reduces the risk of getting uneven pieces. When cutting mushrooms and similar food, cylindrical hopper is more than just needed.

Polycarbonate electric motor

An electric motor has a 1 ½ HP power. It has polycarbonate elements and it is designed with the help of the latest technology. The bottom line is extra-performance motor capable of working up to 20 hours per day. All the inner components are especially developed to withstand this type of usage and to allow for the users to cut any food as long as they need it. Power is sufficient. There are more powerful models on the market, but they have almost identical speed of the blade, so additional power isn’t mandatory. The amount of torque is just right.

Freshly designed lid and pusher

No matter how great a food processor is, if it has poorly designed lid and pusher it is useless. It is useless simply because food will accumulate in these areas, making cleaning a nightmare. The model in question is immune to these issues. The design of the pusher and the lid will push all pieces of the food directly to the blade. There won’t be left over’s.  Here, stainless steel has another benefit. It is anti-stick, so the food won’t stick to it, obviously. All of this means that washing can be done in a dishwasher machine and it requires less time than ever.

Waterproof controls

I personally believe that this is the easiest food processor to use, ever made. It has two buttons, which isn’t much, but they are made with the help of seals and several other elements. The bottom line is that both of them are heavy-duty buttons, waterproof and easy to use in all conditions. They actually have been tested up to 1 million pushes and even after they continued to work without a problem.

Lever-activated auto restart

After one process is completed, the lever is going to be used to start another grinding operation. This is known as a new lever-operated auto restart. In general, it makes using a food processor simpler and it reduces the time, needed to restart the appliance. As such, it is impeccable in models that are designed for commercial applications, such as this one. As usual, related elements, including the lever are made from stainless steel, so they cannot be broken.

Additional blades are available

All features mentioned by now suggest that this food processor can be used for almost any cutting application. In order to maximize the functionality, the manufacturer offers additional blades. All of them are made from stainless steel and all of them share the same amount of quality. Thanks to them, using the Robot Coupe (CL50) Continuous Feed Food Processor almost anywhere is simple and possible.


Dimensions14.8 x 23.4 x 13.5 inches
Weight45 pounds
MaterialStainless steel
Power1 ½ HP
HopperLarge, can accommodate 10 tomatoes at the same time
Restart ModeLever operated
Dishwasher SafeYes
Additional BladesAvailable
Main PurposeCommercial applications
Wattage912 Watts
ManufacturerRobot Coupe


The Robot Coupe (CL50) Continuous Feed Food Processor is all except an ordinary model. It has a lot of power and it is made from the same material that is used for making heavy-duty machines. As such, this model is suitable for rough tasks where all of the aforementioned benefits will come to use. Beside the construction, there are some additional advantages, such as a lid and pusher that cannot accumulate food, easy to wash and extra-large hopper.

As a kitchen appliance it cannot be compared with equivalent models, it is simply much better. As a commercial mixer or food processor, it is one of the best. The quality, the performance and the practicality are at the highest level. This may be one of rare models that have no drawbacks and it is close to perfection. It isn’t a coincidence if we know that it is made by one of the best manufacturers in the business.