Want to Save Time in the Kitchen? Start Freezing!

I don’t know about everyone else but I am absolutely exhausted by the time I get home from work. The mere thought of having to prepare dinner gives me this irresistible urge to order a pizza! I agree, it’s not the healthiest option and does not really work when you are on a budget.

Why this urge, you ask? This is because by the time I decide what to cook (this includes having a big debate with my boyfriend and my brother), going through my cupboards to find the ingredients, making the food and not forgetting the cleaning and washing up, I’ve lost the will to live and not mentioning the fact that I am not hungry anymore.

The solution to this, as you’ve probably guessed is to cook ahead and freeze. I first started freezing meals when my mum visited me a few years ago. I adore my mum’s cooking. No matter how hard I try, I can never get close to the mouth watering dishes she makes. Before leaving, mum made a variety of dishes which I patiently packed and placed in the freezer. The week following this was heaven! I was having my dinner on time, only 10 minutes after getting home. Food tasted great. Most importantly, I was not tired. I could relax in front of my TV and could even start on my “things to do” list.

The next weekend, I went to my nearest wholesale shop and bought a whole pack of takeaway boxes and the commercial food processor to work on food later. I now reserve my Sundays for cooking. I cook large quantities of my favorite dishes which I freeze in my takeaway boxes. I even get my boyfriend and my brother to prepare some dishes!

The good thing is I can now have my favorite chicken rice, my boyfriend can have his fried noodle and my brother can have his beef curry and everyone is happy!

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