It’s always scrumptious when it comes about food. Food needs to get into some process to look and feel good at your plate. Even though a piece of pie gets into a lot of process to melt in our mouths.Food is all about how carefully we process the more involved we are in processing the more delicious it turns out to be! The processing of food involves making soups, dips, sauces, juices, milk shakes and so on.Every single thing is based on a Good Commercial Food Processor. Get a good one to limit your time in cutting, slicing and smashing vegetables, fruits and raw foods. Choose your blade to blender your food and make it go easy on sharp edges by chopping them in case they are quite big.

There are three methods to use a commercial food processor in an effective way

  • Stick to manual
  • Blade to blende
  • Try new recipes

Stick to manual:

Sticking with the manual is actually a good approach when it comes to beginners for processing food. The manual usually comes with the package of processor else simple Google it. There are few steps involved in processing your food.

  1. Assemble your processor properly to the electric base to have a smooth start in processing. Double check whether everything is fit into its place
  2. Time to add your raw food stuffs into processor till the fill line. Make sure that all the ingredients you add into processor are cooled to at least about room temperature. Based on your choices grind them.
  3. Grind them together where all savors mix into a single container. Be careful to tightly close your lid before processing. Usually all processors comes with couple of buttons which are
    1. RUN
    2. PULSE
  4. Run button goes on continuously until you hit stop to chop your food into sauce or juice.
  5. Pulse button is especially used to chop food for toppings sometimes. It is usually backward in direction in most of the commercial food processors.
  6. Some of the foods can be added at last for a different blending taste. Like using nuts to tops your food which can be done by passing them into a tube.
  7. Last but not least clean your processor quite neatly without any dampness to have a healthy diet. Don’t submerge the electric base of a processor in water. Be cautious since you are working in electric.

Blade to blende:

            Choosing the blade for apt blending involves a little presence of mind. When you need to make French fries but using blade to chop into tiny pieces is quite not okay. So be clever to choose your blade.

The S blade:

The S refers to Super blade which is often kept inside a processor. The S blade does it work so quick and bashing.

The Slicing disk:

As the slicing disk is always attached near the lid of the processor you can easily slice the carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables or fruits and simply turn them into salad.

The grater trick:

The grating is considering as one of the hardest jobs when it comes to processing food. When it becomes simplified who else doesn’t need it. Graters are attached to the lid and used to grate cabbages, coconuts and so on.

Need for dough blade:

Knead your dough with a dough blade in your processor. It is usually placed at the bottommost of your processor. When it comes to making dough for chapattis and roti’s you are in need of a technical assistant. That’s where commercial food processor comes to your help. Even bread and cake dough can be made easy with dough blade.

Try new recipes:

We humans love to invent, reinvent and create. When it comes to food we are so into it because all the calories for our survival depend on food. It’s quite exciting when we try out new recipes. It’s time to unleash your skills into your processor.


Yes, we can also make ice creams with a processor nearby. Let’s make out the simple recipe for banana ice cream mingled with heavenly nutella. First freeze the banana overnight in a tight container. Take out the bananas and blend them smoothly in processor and add a large glob of nutella and make some toppings with cherries for little tangy flavor. Here is your Icy-Ice-cream, serve it for your dear ones.

The humble hummus:

Hummus is one of the greatest evening snacks served in middle-east. Hummus is made out from chick peas. The cuisine is a Mediterranean one. First the hummus needs humidity to grind into a fine paste. Better soak the chick peas in water over night for a better smooth hummus in minutes. Simply add the chick peas into processor and run for a while and then your hummus is ready to get along with its friends like chopped vegetables and crackers. If you don’t have a simple recipe for hummus then tries this out!

  • 2 cups(80 grams) of water drained or cooked chick peas
  • 3 spoonful of virgin olive oil
  • 3 spoonful of sesame seed paste or tahini
  • 1 ½ spoon of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 clove of fresh garlic
  • 1 spoon of salt
  • ½ spoon of bell pepper

Mix them well and your hummus is ready to serve.

Nut butter:

All natural nuts can be made into nut butter. All you need to do is roast or toast them in ghee or oil or air fry them according to your taste. Grind them until the nuts cracks down into pieces and pieces turn into powder. When you are done add some unflavored oil in it and allow the fusion to mingle for 10 minutes. Your nut butter is ready to make you go nuts on your breakfast toast. For a better taste keep it cool temperature.

Spice up:

Salsa is a great food to spice up your senses. Just add the required vegetables like onions, tomatoes, chilies and other luscious food that fits your salsa. Consume salsa with a crispy snack for a better evolving taste.