Waring Commercial WFP11S Batch Bowl Food Processor Review

During the past year, I used more than 10 different food processors. Most of them were good, but they had some drawbacks. That’s why I am still looking for the best appliance for my restaurant. A few weeks ago, I came across the Waring Commercial WFP11S Batch Bowl Food Processor. It looked slightly different than other products and it was possible to see the originality of this item. I have very high standards, so not every appliance is great for me. However, the food processor in question is an interesting surprise, thanks to the features mentioned below.

Waring Commercial WFP11S


  • Large feed tube
  • ¾ HP electric, high-efficiency motor
  • Control paddles
  • 2-1/2 Quart batch bowl
  • LiquiLock seal system
  • Perfect shredding


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Waring Commercial WFP11S Review

Large feed tube

Maybe sounds like a less important feature, but feed tube is simply the first thing a food processor must offer. There are a lot of versions of this crucial component, and in some cases, it simply isn’t good enough. The food processor here is completely different. It has a huge funnel that can be used for larger pieces of food and the food pusher is longer, making it safer at the same time. As the result, preparation time is significantly reduced. Some fruits and vegetables don’t even have to be sliced, they can be placed in the processor straight away. Of course, this feature would be useless without the next one.

¾ HP electric, high-efficiency motor

Electric motors have a huge amount of torque, despite the fact they are small and they look less-powerful. Torque is simply the brute force that moves the blade. More is always better here! Waring Commercial WFP11S is packed with a ¾ HP electric motor, which doesn’t sound impressive, but it is an advanced model, specially designed for commercial applications. Thanks to it, this food processor can be used for all kinds of slicing, meshing and all types of foods can be placed in the batch bowl. In order you to realize how impressive this electric motor is, I will say that it is actually quicker than several, more powerful units! Still, it is small, making the entire appliance more compact.

Control paddles

When in a rush, having large controls is mandatory. It is annoying when having to look for the right button. Another drawback with his system is that buttons cannot withstand rough applications. They tend to malfunction after a short period of time. The situation here is different. There are paddles, rather than buttons, so using them is simpler, faster and better. They are especially re-designed so pressing them 1.000 times per day won’t cause any issues.  It is probably one of the smallest features here that has a huge effect on the efficiency of this food processor.

2-1/2 Quar batch bowl

The batch bowl, used in this model is similar to those that are available in more expensive food processors, made by this manufacturer. Why this is important? First of all, it cannot be damaged or broken. It is made from a special material that is resistant to scratches, heat and pressure. Another benefit is washing. The material is anti-stick, which means that the food won’t stick on it, making cleaning much easier and definitely less time-consuming. Even the handle on the bowl is well-designed. It is ergonomic, and it can withstand 2 times more load than the actual capacity of the bowl.

LiquiLock seal system

Maybe this is a feature that is hidden, and hard to detect, but it has a huge effect on the entire food processor. It is also another advanced feature, borrowed from more expensive models, made by the same manufacturer. In essence, it eliminates the gap between the components, making a 100% tight seal. Not a single drop of food can escape the bowl. It is also heat resistant and it has anti-stick feature. The bottom line is that this simple addition makes the entire appliance better and more useful.

Perfect shredding

I actually was impressed with the quality of shredding. This is possible thanks to the special shape of the bowl, motor position and the most important, blades. It means that all pieces of food will be perfectly shred in a matter of seconds. All pieces will have the same dimensions and there won’t be large chucks of food that are simply a huge problem. What about other operations? There are 20 applications this food processor can be used for and all of them will deliver the same quality. Once again, blade and a bowl are perfectly synchronized so it isn’t possible that some piece of food ‘’skip’’ the process. This feature is far more important when making luxury meals that simply must look exceptionally good. In other words, this model can be used in the most luxurious restaurants all over the world.


Bowl2-1/2-Quar, made from unbreakable material
Electric motor¾ HP
Number of processing operations20
Amp power6 Amp
Dimensions10.4 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches
Weight15.5 pounds
ManufacturerWaring Commercial Inc
Warranty5 years for electric motor and 2 years for other components
Seal TypeLiquiLock system


Is the Waring Commercial WFP11S an excellent food processor? Yes, it is. The main advantage of this model, compared to rival units is the fact it isn’t just an upgraded version of some food processor. It has been designed and made to be a commercial grade product, capable of meeting even the highest expectations. As the result, there are all the features professional kitchens will demand. Add the fact that the entire quality is also an advantage of this model, and the verdict is more than just positive.

There are some simple features and benefits that also have a positive effect on the functionality of this unit. For example, the LiquiLock seal system is impressive, the electric motor is more powerful than rival models have and the control paddles are a masterpiece. The end verdict of this food processor is more than just positive and it deserves all recommendations.