Waring Commercial WFP14SC 3.5-Quart Review

Although, I found several of the best food processors, the Waring Commercial WFP14SC Batch Bowl and Continuous Food Processor occupied my attention.

It is simply different, but none of the practicality has been compromised.

The balance between the features, the price and design are perfectly divided, and this model has a lot to offer. This also means that it has a lot more than just fresh design to offer.

Waring Commercial WFP14SC Batch Bowl and Continuous Food Processor


  • Impressive warranty
  • 20 operations supported
  • Continuous-feed food processor and a clear-view bowl
  • Mandatory additions in the package
  • Modern design
  • Available in different styles
  • High-performance electric motor


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Waring Commercial WFP14SC 3.5-Quart Review

Mandatory additions in the package

Some food processors come with a single disk. Maybe this has a positive effect on the price, at first, it is actually a drawback. Getting all the blades additionally will significantly increase the price of an appliance. The model here is quite opposite. In the package, the manufacturer has packed a slicing disk, whipping disc, S blade, grating disc and a shredding disc (reversible). The bottom line is that this unit can be used for any application, straight away it is delivered. A separate plus side is the fact the value for money is still great. There is no point in adding that all the blades are well-made, they are made from stainless steel and they are durable.

Modern design

Usually, design isn’t something that can make a food processor better or worse. After all, these are just appliances. Once again, in this case it is slightly different. The main reason for that is a modern and completely original design. It makes the entire model look much better and far more expensive it is. It will be noticed in any kitchen, no matter how advanced it was. There is also an advantage related to the usage. One survey discovered that pleasant to use appliances reduce stress in restaurant kitchens and have a positive effect on the meal preparation. If we know that this is a commercial-grade food processor, this feature is even more important.

Available in different styles

When it comes to food processor, one model is enough and there is no possibility to choose option extra. I believe that you get what you see. Now, the Waring Commercial WFP14SC is better and more versatile. The manufacturer offers it in different styles. This one is known as WFP14SC, but it is also available as WFP14SW (identical features, but a different design) and WFP16S (different design and different features). This is useful due to a simple reason. It is possible to choose a version that will fit to a specific kitchen decoration, and to stand out from the crowd. Differences in design also affect the usage procedure, so it can be customized as well.

High-performance electric motor

Food processors must have a powerful electric motor in order to be used for all types of food. If a motor is less-powerful, the grinded food will be uneven and it can damage or reduce the lifespan of a motor. The model here doesn’t have these problems. The electric motor is more powerful than most users actually need. It has 1HP and it is a heavy-duty unit. Heavy-duty means that it can be used every single day, for a few hours and it won’t overheat nor will it lose power. This also means that the end quality of the food won’t be compromised. Mandatory thing for luxury restaurants and high-end kitchens.

Impressive warranty

When buying an expensive appliance, a warranty is more than just needed. When buying expensive, commercial appliances, the importance of a warranty is immense. Here, it is actually an advantage. The manufacturer offers 5 years for the electric motor. It is the best clue how good it is! Other elements get a 2 year warranty, which is more than most manufacturers actually offer (almost all offer just 1 year). This advantage is important because it protects the investment and it keeps any kitchen fully operational in a case of a malfunction. In addition, this warranty made this food processor the safest choice right now. Note: Most models made by this manufacturer have the same warranty.

20 operations supported

The Waring Commercial WFP14SC is a masterpiece when it comes to the number of applications it can be used for. There are 20 different possibilities, including shredding, slicing, cutting, whipping and etc. However, because this is a high-end model, it can perform all of these operations slightly better. Better means that it will complete a task in less time and it will be less loud. An interesting fact is that the amount of noise it makes is up to 40% lower than equivalent models make. Another benefit of a new generation motor.

Continuous-feed food processor and a clear-view bowl

These two features can be paired together, simply because they are closely related. The first one stands for a new generation funnel and food feed. They make this food processor quicker and more useful, because they allow usage of larger pieces of food. A clear-view bowl is almost identical to other models made by this manufacturer. It is unbreakable and it is resistant to stains, pressure and heat.


Dimensions11.5 x 10.1 x 16 inches
Weight17.8 pounds
Motor1HP of power
Number of applications20
Blades included in the packageYes
ManufacturerWaring Commercial Inc
Clear-view bowlYes
Seal systemLiquiLock Seal System


The main facts of the Waring Commercial WFP14SC Batch Bowl and Continuous Food Processor are that this is a high-end model, capable of being used in commercial kitchens. It has been designed for that application, so it is more than just good. The quality is exceptional, the warranty will protect all the components and it is great value for money. A new generation of motor, built in this unit is simply astonishing and probably one of the best on the market right now.

The bottom line is that the price and the claims of the manufacturer are perfectly justified with the look and features of this food processor. It may be the best choice for 2017.