Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor Review

As a personal trainer, I am constantly looking for great food processors that can help me and my clients get the healthiest ingredients in a cup. At least I was looking for until I discovered the amazing Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor. It is a high-end, commercial model, so I got all the features I am going to need, quality and something more. Nevertheless, using this food processor is simple and quick, perfect for people like me, without enough time. In addition, I always use commercial models, commonly used by large restaurants and kitchens.

Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl and Continuous Food Processor


  • 1 horse-power electric motor
  • High number of processing operations
  • Clear-view batch bowl
  • Huge feed funnel and pusher
  • The best warranty in the business
  • Paddle buttons
  • The simplicity of cleaning


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Waring Commercial WFP14S Batch Bowl Food Processor Review

1 horse-power electric motor

The first and the most important element in this food processor is the electric motor itself. It is based on the latest technology, so it is a high-efficient unit. Even more important, it is powerful. 1HP is actually more than most people need, but in this case, having the extra power is desirable. Other benefits of this, great electric motor are the noise and the speed. In simple terms, it is very quiet and it is the quickest unit right now. This is the main features here, due to the fact it allows using the food processor for literally any food available. After all, there is no point in having an appliance of this kind that cannot be useful for some, exotic fruits and foods.

High number of processing operations

At the beginning, food processors had just one operation. Nowadays, they have a lot more. The situation with this model is slightly better. It offers more processing operations than its rival, so there are 20 different possibilities. Just some of them are cutting, meshing, slicing and etc. Paired with the aforementioned electric motor, most people won’t ever need another appliance of this kind. In the package, different blades are included, so finally looking for them on the internet isn’t needed.

Clear-view batch bowl

Almost all food processors that are members of the highest range have one thing in common. They have transparent batch bowls. Early models had them as well, but they were fragile, definitely something to avoid. With this model, batch bowl is made from a unique type of material, especially developed for these applications. The result is phenomenal. Not only it is clear to see through, it is unbreakable. The manufacturer actually performed some interesting tests, trying to break the batch bowl, but they failed. In the language used in kitchens, this bowl will last for a lifetime. There is neither accident nor possibility that someone can break it, even in commercial kitchens. It is also paired with the latest LiquiLock seal system. Some of the benefits of this feature are the durability and the efficiency, which are better than conventional seals.

Huge feed funnel and pusher

I cannot stand being near the food processors with narrow feed funnel. Despite the fact they may have, all the rest features and they look amazing, this is a severe drawback! It reduces the practicality and makes them useless! A plus side with the Waring Commercial WFP14S is that it features extra-large feed funnel. It allows you to use it for any type of food and to complete a procedure in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes. Accordingly, the food pusher is large as well. It also reduces the time, needed to complete an operation and it is actually safer than smaller versions.

The best warranty in the business

Most food processors come with 1 year warranty, which isn’t much. This one is 5 times better. The warranty for an electric motor is 5 years. It is limited, but it is still the best in the industry. All other components have 2 year warranty, still longer than ordinary food processors. The bottom line with this feature is that this food processor is suitable for professional and commercial applications. It is far more than a simple kitchen appliance.

Paddle buttons

Yes, this is a simple food processor to use and one of many reasons for that are the buttons. They are designed on the paddle principle, so they are easy to use in a rush or with gloves. Another, benefit is the fact they are made to withstand rough and heavy-duty applications. Using them the entire day, even abusing them, won’t cause any defects nor issues with the functionality with the appliance.

The simplicity of cleaning

Washing and cleaning this appliance is one of the most important, secondary advantages. The design is straight forward, which means it is simple, but yet practical. Large bowl and large feed funnel make washing extremely quick. Even better, all the materials are non-stick.


Dimensions11.5 x 10.1 x 16 inches
Weight17 pounds
ManufacturerWaring Commercial Inc
ApplicationsUp to 20
Recommended segmentCommercial
Power1 HP
Power in Amp6amp
Warranty5 years for the electric motor and 2 years for other components
ETL sanitationYes


The situation is very simple. This is the best food processor on the market right now. It has all the features ever invented, it is easy to use, it comes with extremely long warranty and it is well-made. All components are made to withstand even the most demanding operation, and to work for a longer period of time. This also applies on the paddle buttons that are one of the main advantages here!

An electric motor is high-performance unit, capable of meeting any requirements, even in the most demanding kitchens. Another advantage that makes this the best choice right now. As a value for money, Waring Commercial WFP14S is more than just good. After all, this is one of the most advanced and best-made food processors on the marker. In simple expressions, it is an investment rather than an ordinary purchase. It will last for a long period of time and work perfectly all and without any issues nor problems.